Brandply was founded in 2015. As a byproduct of the Arkin Agency, we set out to create today's modern version of the Entertainment Book. We provide a service to a number of companies by giving their customers a one-stop shop and central portal to interact with the company. While the companies have full customization, we design the membership cards and mailers, provide any other design services needed, and give access to over a half-million deals and discounts both locally and nationally, as well as travel destination discounts. 


• All work is a product and owned by The Arkin Agency, located in Farmington Hills, MI.

Brandply How-To Video

The latest company to integrate Brandply into their marketing is Tacori, a high-end jewelry company based in California, with distributors nationwide. We've created Tacori Journeys, a program to incite customers to purchase jewelry and receive travel savings towards their next vacation or honeymoon.

Tacori Journeys - Overview

Lucido Fine Jewelry - Adventure Card

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